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Is Gears TV Down? Short Answer: Not Really.

Gears TV Shutdown

UPDATE: Gears TV service is back and live on this website, to order your subscription, please go here.

Gears TV is one of the most popular IPTV subscription services in the world, merely because it offers a stable service with lots of HD channels, movies, and live sport events.

But unfortunately the US government and the FBI decided to shut the main provider of Gears TV service who goes by the name of OMI IN A HELLCAT, according to reports.

The founder of Gears TV was sued and had his assets seized, including his luxury cars and other assets, and he was charged with breaching intellectual property, copyright infringment, tax evasion and money laundering.

What this means for users?

This is unfortunately the case with most mainstream IPTV providers nowadays, when a service gets popular and gain thousands of customers, large media providers like Sky Sports, Netflix and other TV networks start to consider suing and building a case to shut down the IPTV provider.

Now even though these IPTV providers provide a great service with thousands of premium channels that otherwise you may have to purchase separately from different services, it often underprice the main TV distributors causing them to lose monetary value.

Authorities therefore are always looking to shut down any IPTV providers that get too popular for their own goods.

As for users, we always recommend to use a VPN software to mask your IP address and protect your online identity, though it’s not necessary as authorities have never pursued an IPTV consumer before, but better to be safe than sorry as they say.

Here’s our recommended VPN software for Gears TV:

So what’s the alternative?

Now since you’re reading this you are probably concerned about the shutdown of your favorite IPTV service, which may cause you to look for an alternative or to never buy another IPTV subscription service ever again.

But there’s always a viable alternative, my suggestion would be to always susbcribe with an IPTV provider with overseas server locations.

In plain English, this means there’s less chance of shut down by the US government if an IPTV service has their servers located overseas, preferably in countries with non-extradition treaties with the US.

This way you as a customer will never have to worry about having your favorite IPTV Provider shutdown overnight and leave you hanging, on the other hand your provider will be safe and will have a long-term relationship with his customers, enabling him to offer a stable service.

What about Gears TV?

Now with Gears TV, we are officially back live on this website offering Gears TV subscriptions to customer in the US, UK and all over the world thanks to our 71+ servers located around the globe, in safe and secure datacenters.

Meaning you can get your subscription right now if you want by clicking here.

Gears TV is back and it’s even better than before, now when you subscribe you get the following awesome features:

  • Over 6000 HD and 4K Channels
  • US, UK, CA, Latino and International channels
  • Sports, PPV and Live Events
  • Movies, Netflix, Disney+, Box Office, and more
  • Recording feature
  • Integrated TV Guide (EPG)
  • New Android & Firestick apk app
  • 24/7 Customer Support via Live Chat, email and phone

Not only that, you also get up to 3 connections with your Gears TV subscription whether you buy 1 month, 3 or 12 months.

We are currently running an end of the year sale for our 12 months subscription, which includes all of the above features plus 3 device installs.

Our competitors price such a deal at for over $120 on average, but today you can get it for just $49.99!

Click here to order yours today!


Althought the main Gears TV provider has been shut down last year, we have bought the rights for distributions so we can offer you the same Gears TV subscriptions with more awesome features for a fraction of the cost.

As always, if you’re afraid of using our service for privacy reasons, we recommend you get a VPN software to protect your identity and anonymize your IPTV streaming experience.