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Download Gears TV Apk to your Android or Fire TV/Stick devices.

Gears TV Apk App

Gears TV App is an android-based app that works great for most Android and Fire TV/Stick devices.

Why Gears TV?

There are plenty of IPTV services out there, hundreds if not thousands, but what makes Gears TV different is it’s wide variety of IPTV content, stability, and excellent customer support. If you’re a fan of sports or movies, then you will definitely find Gears TV more fun.¬†

A Rock Solid TV Service with various plans included

Gears TV service provides consumers and TV fans with access to thousands of premium television channels where you can enjoy all kinds of premium content: live news, sports, PPV, movies, series, music, radio, Kid’s shows, documentaries, shows, 24/7 Channels, Latino channels, and even global channels, to get started you just need to download the Gears TV app for firestick to your device and sign up as a user here.

With this Apk app, you can get access to awesome features such as the following:

  • Possibility to connect up to 2 devices with 1 connections.
  • Over 12,000 HD Channels.
  • Over 8000 Movies and Series.
  • PPV Included.
  • Integrated TV Guide.
  • Multi-screen
  • Catch-up up to 7 days
  • Possibility to record content with your DVR
  • Access to premium sports channels.
  • Access to movie channels and 24/7 Channels
  • New Gears TV Apk available
  • 24/7 customer¬† support via phone, email and live chat

If you would like to experience and enjoy the best and most exclusive TV streaming on your Fire Stick or Android device, sign up now to Gears TV HD.